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Voyeurism is bad

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If we are all souls impersonating as man or woman, we have no sex. We are just a pure soul, an image of God. Leave people and their sex lives alone. Voyeurism is bad!

Years 2020 and 2021

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Year 2020 and 2021 have been mixed; but have they really been bad? They have propelled me toward spirituality, which I think is a good thing.

Working Copy - The Powerful Git Client for iPad

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Working Copy is the missing Git Client and Editor for iPad.

On Agile

Software Engineering   Agile
First and foremost thing to remember about Agile is that it fosters democratic mindset - of the developers, by the developers, for the developers. The teams that do not understand this have unsatisfied developers.

Rinayra is a brave girl!

Rinayra got hurt. But she was so brave!

Hindu Fundamentalism or Kattar Hindutva

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Hinduism is one of the most flexible religions of the world. Recently I saw someone calling themselves “Kattar Hindu” (Hindu Fundamentalist). I was wondering what it would mean to be a “Kattar Hindu”.

Rahul Gandhi Hatao, Desh Bachao

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“Rahul Gandhi Hatao, Desh Bachao"

Silence in the face of the evil is itself evil!

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