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I am in awe of Emacs

I am in awe of Emacs. I wrote this post originally on Reddit. Just copying it here to save it.

Windows 10 Battery Report

Battery troubles? Generate a battery report on Windows 10.
["system administration"]

You'll need a new app to open this windowsdefender

Getting the weird error while trying to open Windows Defender, follow on.
["system administration"]

Test Driven Development - A Management Technique

Test Driven Development is just a management technique.
["software engineering"]

Testing and the Perfect Software

Testing can demonstrate the presence of bugs, but not their absence.
["software engineering"]

Walmart Digical Fail

Horrible experience with Walmart
["insane thoughts"]

Star Wars - Mandalorian

Mandalorian - an extension of Star Wars Universe. Not really, it is `part` of Star Wars Universe.
["media", "television"]

Sold my car to Carvana

Carvana - Delightful experience
["insane thoughts", "product"]