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# Written on August 8, 2005

From the very beginning of humanity, human beings are fighting with each other to gain supremacy and to acquire power - power to control others. The homo sapiens, as we are called, are the supreme animals - that have brains to think and power to control and tame other less advantaged animals. For thousand and thousands of years that we have seen on this mother earth there has not been a single era in which we have not fought or tried to show others our power.

Whether it has been Alexander-the Great, Ashoka, or the Great Mughals, we have always fought and wars have been our most favourite occupations. We never tried to avoid or prevent wars. Wars are the events that have provided us an opportunity to prove our supremacy, power and skills.

Wars have given very less to us, especially in comparison to the grievous losses that they have incurred on our society. Every continent, every country, every island and everybody on this earth have suffered the aftermath evils of wars. The future after the wars has always been grim and never easy. The sufferings and losses have been tremendous. The world has always changed for the survivors of the war - families have been broken, friends been lost. Wars have always been tragedies that were avoidable if we had been a little more sensitive, thoughtful and humane in our action.

We have seen and faced many wars. From Waterloo to Iraq, various wars have been fought - always there has been one winner and one looser - but in totality the human has lost in each of the battle that have been fought. The wars have given nothing to the winners but the losers have lost much. Most of the times wars have happened when the countries involved were growing steadily on the path of development. These wars have always been a setback to the development of the nations that were involved in the war and the other nations of the world.

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