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The Surveys -- My analysis

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Last week I read two surveys - First was The Best Company to Work for in India by BT and the other The Indian Youth by BW.Yes, Infy is once again rated to be the best employer in India. But it ranks #8 on employee satisfaction. To understand the survey's report, we must know what is employee satisfaction? Rather we must first understand what is satisfaction? Satisfaction as described by International Dictionary of English can be stated as The act of satisfying or the state of being satisfied, gratification of desire, repose of mind resulting from compliance with its desires or demands.When we rate a company on anything it is relative. And when it comes to rating on the basis of Employee Satisfaction, then the relativity increases. The expectations of employees from the company differs from company to company. Bigger the name, bigger are the expectations. And it is difficult for the company to stand up to the expectations every time and that too to the extent of 100%. When talking about Infosys. Infosys is the company for which every Indian wants to work atleast once. But very few get this opportunity. Those who work here, while joining Infy think that Infy will do marvels and change their life completely and so on and so forth. Also, if you see any of the DC's of Infy, you will just wonder whether this is a DC or a township. So, this raises expectations even further. So the expectations are great and huge. Infosys is also run by human beings and human beings can not be 100% efficient. So as the expectations rise, the companies ratings on this measure decreases.I just wonder whether the expectations of Infy's employee is far much higher than those of other Indian companies!!!!

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