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Cycle of Failure and Success - My Story

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Last edited on 29th May 2011 at 12:52 AM. I had lot of traffic to this post after IIT-JEE 2011 results when those who could not make it to IIT were trying to search for some solace. I added this italicized paragraphs just for them.

For 6 years after passing out from school, I had lost faith in GOD. However, I realized some time after joining Infosys when I was sitting in my hostel room alone and was deep in thoughts that God would do the best thing for you at the right time. He will take your tests. You will have to work hard - at least once in your life. Whenever the GOD thinks that you have really worked hard, he will reward you.

Have faith in God and keep giving your best. IITs are the best and one should definitely enter them. But we must understand that life doesn't ends here. IITs are not the destination but one of the routes to the same.  They are not an end in themselves. Life is more than clearing IITs. It is upto you that how you use it and make it a success.

I have had my success and failures even after joining Infosys and still regularly go through those phases. But I know -  in the end everything will be fine. But it will be fine only when we make it so. Cheer up and as motto of my school, St. Georges' College, says, "Press Onwards!" All the best!

I was just going through some of the Pagalguy forums and read some of the post by Monil and others. Whenever I read these posts, I feel inspired and go back to my dreams. I am a loser, and with that, I do not agree. After failing badly in IIT-JEE in the year 2001, I have failed most of the exams that were conducted by all Indian Institutes of XXX.

After failure in JEE in 2001, I took admission in a private college where after 4 yrs I landed up a job in a BPO inDelhithat I joined before my eighth semester started and left before my exams. Then the struggle to find a job began. I did not want to join a BPO so never gave any interviews conducted every week and every day. Most of my friends had found a job but I was still searching for a job. In June 2005, after the exams finished I sat for fifteen days just hoping to get some option, searching for jobs online and through newspapers. I would have send applications and resume to thousands of companies in those fifteen days, but it was not the end, as I had to apply for millions more. On one fine Wednesday, I saw a job from LabIndia, Gurgaon for fresher Engineers. I applied and got a call in few days. Therefore, I went and gave a test and interview in Gurgaon. I cleared the test and they took my interview as well. From my point of view, I did well as much a fresher could. However, I received no further response from them.

In June, I had also applied for Reliance Industries Limited and received a call for written test inDelhi. I cleared the test and received a call for an interview in Hotel Le Meridian,Delhi. The interview was technical in nature and according to me was great and several months passed waiting for its result and in the end, I could not make it. It was in August first week. During these days, I also went for an interview arranged by my Mama and was hopeful for it, but the result was same. No success!

In September 2005, I was going through forums, where I learnt that TCS is conducting an All-India Walk-in in Mumbai on 11th of September. After taking the test, I returnedAgraand went toDelhifor MTNL’s test. Meanwhile, I received a call for interview from TCS. I was down with fever because of the hectic journey –Agrato Mumbai, then back toAgra, toDelhiand then back toAgraagain. The day I sat for TCS’ interview, I was not well and was not able to concentrate on what they asked. I could not make it either. I was disappointed, but never showed this. It was an opportunity that I was looking for and was sure to crack but I could not overcome my fever. I did not fail against TCS but I had already lost when I could not overcome my fever. I had already failed in my mind. I was thinking that with this fever I would not be able to perform well. The same happened.

After returning toAgra, I was not feeling comfortable. I had applied for CDAC in May or June and had forgotten about it. I got a call from CDAC for a written test for Software Professionals atAllahabad. I went there and took the test and my performance in the test was great. However, the results were not declared (or if they were, I never came to know about them.

I had returned toAgra. I took CAT in November 2005. I was well prepared. However, as soon as I entered the examination hall, myriad of thoughts poured into my mind. I started to think about “what ifs.” I was thinking about so many failures in the past and that I belong nowhere. With these thoughts, I took the test. Before I knew it, I had already screwed it. Overpowered with my thoughts, I was not able to concentrate on any question. It was a disaster.

In December 2005, I applied for Bharat Petroleum and took its test on 8th January 2006. I also took FMS exams. In Feb, I received an email from BPCL saying that I have been shortlisted for interview. I went for interview but again nothing fruitful happened.

In Jan 2006, I applied for 3i-Infotech. The test was on 5th March. I selected the test centre as Jaipur as I was disappointed with failures that I had faced inDelhi. Moreover, I was not willing to go toDelhi, as I had to stay with my mama. Moreover, with so many failures I had this thing in my mind that I would be a burden on him. I took the test in Jaipur and was sure for a call for an interview that I later got.

It was a Sunday, and the next Sunday, I had to go to attend written test for Cognizant atHyderabad. InAgra, we used to get Times Accent delayed by a day. The Thursday’s Times Accent had an advertisement of Infosys Walk-in. I discussed with everyone, which was the better option – Cognizant or Infosys. Everyone favoured Infosys. The next day I went to Jaipur to attend the same. On Saturday morning, Nitin Mausaji left me at Gyan Vihar. After a daylong exercise of filling form and taking the test, they declared the results. They called me for the Interview that held the next day. The interview was okay types. Next Day I returned toAgra.

14th March was Holi and on 16th March, I received a call from a friend of mine saying that Infosys have selected Puneet, a person whom I met at Gyan Vihar during Infosys selection process. I soon went to the cyber café. I was tensed. My younger brother, Shalank, was with me. I typed on the address box of the browser. Filled in my username and password but did not dare to press enter - what if the result repeated the same old story! After taking deep breaths and after my brother has asked several times, I pressed enter. The screen turned white and blue. Few mails were in white and bold. I scanned all of them and found a mail from Infosys. I knew that Infosys also sends the failure mails. Therefore, I wanted to be sure before shouting and crying in excitement. I read the subject carefully – “From Infosys Technologies Ltd. - Offer of Employment.” It was an email from Infosys asking me to join on 27 March 2006 atMysore campus. The tears rolled down my eyes. God had taken the test and for now, I emerged the winner.  It was a success for me after many years. I was overwhelmed and so was my family.