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One Night at Capone ODC

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It is 4 in the morning and night is having its toll on us. We are sleepy, tired and frustrated.... Frustrated????? Are we?? Really?? No, we are enjoying this frustration and tiredness and sleep is adding to it this fun that we are sharing. But, what exactly are we doing here at ODC; at time when we must and should have been in our bed - either alone or ... --- eh you bachelors, I am talking about pillow. :-). So, the answer is we are used to these nightouts and this is our part of activity since last few months. Why?? Because our project is called CLO -- a giant in itself. This will be reflected soon on the new T-Shirts that we have ordered for the entire team.

Oh!! I forgot the way!! So, why are we here at this point of time?? Nothing much. We are waiting for our onsite counterparts to complete a piece of work that will lead us to carry on with our work here at offshore.

People are playing around, talking on phone, surfing Google and searching for varied and weird of things.

So, enjoy!!!!!!!!!