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Going for a Holiday!!

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Finally I am going for a holiday to stay With my parents. After a year of effort, I will rest at my home town, city of Love, Agra. This time I am going for a two week break.

A year has passed when we, viz, Gajendra, Kapil, Bagga and I, joined Capital One Auto Finance(COAF, as we call it). The project was CLO R2 and it was in its requirement phase. Requirement Phase?? For how long did the requirement phase lasts?? The requirement's phase was already almost a year old and still going on. This was just an indicator where the project was leading. Ofcourse, the project was in critical stage and Red Flag rose high.

In every meeting, townhall, skip-levels, we were continously being told that this will last only for few days, so keep on going and doing the "Fire-fighting". For how long a person can do Fire-fighting?? one month, two months,....., may be 6 months. But in our case we all did this fire-fighting for a year. Not because we were told to do so, but we felt like doing the same. The module, or a piece of code that we wrote belongs to us - this was the feeling of all of us. It was like our baby; and we love it. How much cruel it was to us, but we were its parents - parents of the giant CLO.

To show how indulged were we in our mission I will cite an example. There is a friend of mine. She was suffering from fever since few days, however she has to complete a piece of code. So she was staying back at nights. One day, rather night, we all asked her to go home as she was not feeling well. But she denied our requests. After sometime she fainted. But she did not went home. This was the height of sincerity towards work.