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Want our paths to cross again!!

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Dear COAFians,

The day has come and I have to bid farewell to CLO. I never wanted to do this. It has never been easy to bid farewell to anyone anywhere, so I am not going to bid farewell as we all will be here and will meet somewhere, someday. I just hope that our paths will cross and I will wait for that time to arrive.

For past one year I have learnt a lot – technical, domain and above all patience. CLO has taught me how to handle tremendous pressure. Sometimes I used to hate it, but always cherished it. When I was a child, my father used to work overnight and on weekends and we – my brother and I used to think what he does in office and used to hate it too because working weekends meant no outing of any sort for us. And in CLO I was doing the same. I think some of my father’s genes traveled and entered my body.

I loved working like this. There are more than 'n' numbers of moments that I want to share. During Iteration 1 though I was not part of it, I used to stay back at night. I was observing the hard work that all were putting in. I used to complete most of my work whatsoever was in my plate for the day early and kept some pending so that I have a reason for myself to stay back at night hoping that I might be required.

Working at nights was fun. There was pin-drop silence and you could easily concentrate on your work. It was fun having Siddhesh, Gladson, Kapil, Hira, Satish, Priyanka, Kapatkar around. Playing cricket on floor was our stress buster.

There are many more cherished moments that will remain with me till I traverse to the farthest corner of my life.

I would take this opportunity to thank all of you for all your support and co-operation and bearing with me. A special thanks would definitely go to Kuldeep, Vivek (my first ML), Shilpa and Rajesh Sinha. I remember that in Feb end when Shilpa, Gajendra and I discovered that a POC that I did in November was not correct and that lead to a major change in process flows, Shilpa was angry but never spoke to me like that. I still don’t know why she didn’t scold me. I was waiting and hoping for her to come and tell something, but she was so patient that she never spoke to me in ire. I wanted her to scold me because I was feeling very low because she didn’t say anything. Thank You Shilpa for being there.

Vivek was the destination of whatever I want to say about project and everything. He acted like a sink for my anger and frustration. He used to calm me down and motivate me. Thank you.

Kuldeep was like a captain of a sinking ship and it was because of him that we all were able to complete this project on time. His idea of Stand-ups was great.

Rajesh sir helped me at the time when I was struggling with the dead-line. By setting up a local BRE proxy on my machine he made my life easier. Because each time I made some changes to BREProxyServiceProcessor (I love this file), we needed a BRE deployment. A proxy on my machine saved lot of my time and Ashok’s and Swaroop’s too.

And in the end I would express my thanks to Satish G, Gajendra, Prakirn, Nidhi, Kunal, Ruchika, Pallav, Shailendra for their tremendous support and being my good friends.Waiting for our paths to cross again. Till then in love with Scenario Builder.

All the best!!

Palak Mathur

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