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Agra in News

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So Agra was in news and that too because of our college... Anand Engineering College. And there is nothing to cheer about. It was all for bad reasons.

The act that I am talking about is unacceptable under any circumstances. And again the reaction of the college authorities is not at all responsible one. What is needed is a strict action against these acts and to ensure that this doesn't happen in future again.

We are trying hard to make our college's mark in corporate world. My friends and colleagues ask about this and I feel ashamed. It is just a setback to what we have achieved so far. We are still considered to be from a state that is of no use except in politics and a college that stands nowhere. We are trying hard and working towards making a name for our college and the activities like these hinder our goal.

I would like the management to accept the responsibility and take necessary action to curb such act of violent ragging in future.

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