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Future of Engineers

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Read this article on Wordpress. Agree with most of the things said. It is true that all engineers out of college look forward to get a Software job in companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant and all not because they are crazy about software programming or want to make thousands of money each month, but because the opportunity for engineers in their core branch is negligible. Except for IITs, all other colleges have negligible or no placements in core branches.

Also, off-campuses conducted by PSUs are not easy to crack as thousands of engineers take exam for only 60 something seats. 60 something seats for 300000 engineers graduating every year!! What the hell?

It is important to note here that increasing the number of engineering colleges(specially, private ones) won't help. It will only add to the statistics giving an increased figure of unemployed engineers. Private colleges in India are not good when it comes to Intellectual Property. The lecturers in these private colleges are just college passouts from another private engineering college, who didn't got a job anywhere. Now you can imagine the quality of education these colleges are serving.

The universities or other governing bodies should ensure that lecturers and other staff are qualified enough to educate the budding engineers. Otherwise you are just playing with the future of the young generation and thus with the future of country.

If we are unable to provide a proper infrastructure (both campus and intellectual) then we will just waste a part of population serving for some foreign clients sitting in an air-conditioned office.

I don't know whether anyone will understand my concern or not. But this needs to be addressed as early as possible. Otherwise it will be too late.