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Is Kenya turning into a police state?

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Just read an article with the same title. The people of Kenya are losing faith in their leaders and government. They don't have faith in their president, Mwai Kibaki.

One of the Kenyan blogger writes:-
• The Election Commission of Kenya bans access to all independent media houses except the government/state mouthpiece KBC when announcing the general election results.
• The ECK declares kibz as the winner… fine… that is their mandate but what is pissing me off is NOT Raila's “loss” but the “state of emergency” that has been declared in citoes like Kisumu soon thereafter!!! Nairobi has been under siege all evening.
• john “the home guard” michuki has clamped down on the independent media. Live broadcasts have been banned as has coverage of politics. BULLSHIT…
• The police, GSU & army are being deployed all over. The bloodshed has started as many opposition supporters have been killed already.

I wonder is the situation same throughout world. Current state everywhere is worse and getting worser.

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