systemhalted by Palak Mathur

A Take Towards Our Failures

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In India, we are growing, despite all odds against us. We have a society which is so varied in culture and is linguistically diverse, besides we don't have a Flat World either, with a great part of our population which is under poverty, is socially miserable and is living in growing disparties of wealth.

Over the years, critics have expressed doubts that our democracy will survive and enforcement of Emergency in 1975 - 1977 under the leadership of Indira Gandhi was a definite blow. But we survived and are continuing on the path of growth.

Here, I would like to quote Verrier Elwin, the British scholar who made India his home and took up its citizenship, "All the same I am incurably optimistic about India. Her angry young men and disillusioned old men are full of criticism and resentment. It is true that there is some corruption and a good deal of inefficiency; there is hypocrisy, too much of it. But how much there is on the credit side! It is a thrilling experience to be part of a nation that is trying, against enormous odds, to reshape itself."

Also, as Gopal Krishna Gokhale said, "Let us not forget that we are at a stage of the country's progress when our achievements are bound to be small, and our disappointments frequent and trying. That is the place which it has pleased Providence to assign to us in this struggle, and our responsibility is ended when we have done the work which belongs to that place. It will, no doubt, be given to our countrymen of future generations to serve India by their successes; we, of our present generation, must be  content to serve her mainly by our failures. For, hard though it be, out of  those failures the strength will come which in the end will accomplish great tasks."

Yes, the times were trying and still are, but we have managed against all odds and failures to sustain growth. Satyam fiasco is one of them. The reputation of Indian IT industry as a whole is at stake and I am sure that we will come out of it and will be able to keep the life of Indian IT industry intact.