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India - Sense of Belonging and Participation among Masses

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It is true that sense of belongingness lacks in India. We take freedom and democracy for granted and live like feuds. We, in India, are culturally distinct people, with differences in languages, customs, rites and rituals. We came together (not all, but yet many) for a purpose during National Movement, an objective - Independence. But when British left India, that objective was accomplished. Now, the masses had no reasons to be together. One objective was achieved, now what? There was silence like in a battle field after the war and who were left didn't know what to do. The leaders were not able to present the next objective as Development of Nation to the masses. They had no sense of belonging and participation before Struggle and none was left after it either. They were just put into the Union without sensitizing them about this union, thus no objective either. If our leaders then would have concentrated on this thing too like they did in making Union, the sense of belonging and participation would have sparked the hearts and minds of many and these ignited minds would have definitely worked for the development of India. An India, a better governed India would have emerged.