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Is Left Left Behind In The Race?

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For years Indian Communism has been strongly influenced by the two influential Communist powers of the World, viz., Russia and China. Indian Communist for long have looked for these countries for advice, thoughts, policies, reactions and everything related to these countries to develop their ideology.

Now when both of these countries – China and Russia, have adopted liberal model of development, our communists (yes, our communist – the Indian communists) are in dilemma. A dilemma that they need to sort out before it is too late for them to get out of this. They don’t understand what position they should take on various economic issues and what should be their reaction on various economic policies being adopted by government – of which they are also a part.

They are confused, agitated and don’t know whom to seek for advice. For long they have acted as shadow of Chinese and Russian communists. Policies that China and Russia adopted were thought by them as a model for India. Now both of them gone from the frame, they are alone without anyone to look upon. Now, the time has come that they should come out with their own and intelligent thoughts and advices that are beneficial for the progress and growth of the country.

Is Left left behind in the race?

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