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The Day Has Come

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# This is the last mail that I sent in Infosys. Whenever I read it, I become nostalgic.

26th March 2006

A guy with a friend (Puneet) stepped out of Karnataka Express at Bangalore City station and headed straight to the bus stand opposite that of station. He was loaded with luggage and carrying it was a pain. But he had something to cheer about. They boarded the bus for Mysore, stopped on a motel for a tea waiting eagerly to reach Mysore. Finally they reached Mysore. Hired an auto for Hootagalli and reached their much awaited destination – Infosys Mysore.

After a security check, they were allowed to enter the campus. Their first step in and they froze. No word came out of their mouth and when they came back to senses, they could only utter – “WOW!! Is this really India?” Like many others they were mesmerized by the beauty of the campus and for next few months would remain so!!

27th March 2006

First day in Infosys as Infoscion!!

21st April 2006

Good news for the guy. InfyBLOGS launched for all Infoscions. He was happy, he got a platform to say and utter what was near to his heart.  It was a great platform to network with fellow Infoscions. Puneet suggested the name for the blog – Renaissance!!!

26th July 2006

Last day in Infosys Mysore

28th July 2006

First Project – Common Loan Origination System (CLO) for Capital One Auto Finance;

Module- Conversion and Scenario Builder;

Obsession-Scenario Builder

CLO taught him how to handle tremendous pressure. Sometimes he used to hate it, but always cherished it. When he was a child, his father used to work overnight and on weekends and he and his brother used to think what their father does in office and used to hate it too because working weekends meant no outing of any sort for them. And in CLO I was doing the same. I think some of my father’s genes traveled and entered my body. He loved working like this.

1st September 2009

Last day in the First Project and First day in next – Real Time Messaging

1st July 2009

His Last day in Infosys

The day has come and I have to bid farewell to Infosys. I never wanted to do this. It has never been easy to bid farewell to anyone anywhere, so I am not going to bid farewell as we all will be here and will meet somewhere, someday. I just hope that our paths will cross and I will wait for that time to arrive.

Three years have passed, to be more precise but not exact - 3 years 3 months and 5 days; the day was 26th of March 2006 when I, like many others, entered Mysore Campus and like all others was stunned on entering the campus. Infosys mesmerized me!! 27th March was my date of joining.

I have learnt a lot from Infosys and am taking with me cherished moments and memorable experiences that will remain with me till I traverse to the farthest corner of my life.

Thank you all for being there!!!

And in the end special thanks to CLO-R2 and RTM Teams and all of you in Capital One!!!!

Want out paths to cross “yet” again!!

Till then, still in love with Scenario Builder!!!


Palak Mathur