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Shouldn’t there be a limit to Opinion-based Columns and News?

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I don't remember when I first read the editorial of any newspaper. But it has been a long time now. I have been watching newspapers because of my interest in the news and reading newspapers. What is interesting to note is the increase in the devotion to columnists and opinion based articles. It has become a trend to generate views and debate over them and keep on doing so for a long time. People are also asked to participate in debates and it continues. While few of the people make their original views, millions of others are forced to accept one of the several views and million others remain confused.

Once I commented on a blog,

It is good to have more opinion based columns. However, I don’t like them much. A newspaper should publish a news as it is, i.e., neutrally. It helps people to judge the news and have opinions of their own. Now, if we post an opinion based column, you are forcing the views of the author upon masses making the people judgmental and prejudiced about an issue.

Also, many columns on the same issue will confuse the people. They will have all the views in their mind but will not be able to judge it on their own merits.

Once the ability to judge on merit is lost, we will have a nation of mere spectators who have no thoughts and opinions of their own - a death of a democracy then and there.

The people who write for a journal or a newspaper or for that matter who communicate through news channels are people with ample learning and experience. It is good to have their views. But isn’t it wrong to force these views. I know newspapers, news channels, etc are not doing intentionally, but somehow it is happening and it should be controlled.

Shouldn’t there be a limit to these opinion based columns?

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