systemhalted by Palak Mathur

In Search

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Sometimes you have so many choices to choose from but that doesn’t make any sense because you had already decided that you don’t want to make a choice as you are clear in your mind that what you already had chosen long back is right and any available options are not so lucrative to make you change your mind. Therefore, you continue doing what you are currently doing and are hopeful that your choice will present loveable results. However, when the results are declared you realize that they are not in favor.  You again have a mix bag of old and new choices but now you are confused. At these times, everything is in commotion and your mind says different things and you remain undecided. You are no more sure that what you are doing will fructify or not though you are sure that that is the correct thing. You are sure that the destination is correct but you are no surer that you will reach the destination and you are not sure about the way either. Your life is in turmoil and there is certain degree of chaos in your life.

You might enjoy this chaos but there are certain aspects of life where you want to have some definitive solution to this chaos but you do not seem to have any. You analyze your situation and re-analyze it and still you are not sure. Finally, you see a ray of light that makes you hope for the better and that also makes you surer about that option you had initially chosen. You again start believing in it and move ahead with full josh and confidence.

I am in search of same ray of light to come, ignite, and with its luminosity abate the darkness in which I currently am.