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MBA Options

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There are many options available for MBA currently. They are:-

1. Full-time MBA of 2 years (Conventional MBA)
2. Part-time MBA of 3 years
3. Executive MBA (Full time) for 1 year or 1.5 years
4. MBA through Distance Learning.

For the people with experience those who don't want to go for Full-time course, options 2 or 3 can be checked. MBA through Distance Learning is not that helpful if thought pragmatically.

Now Executive MBA (Full time), i.e., option 3 will need one to leave the company and pursue the course, as the name suggests, Full-time on-campus.

The option 2, i.e. Part-time MBA is an option is viable if one doesn't want to leave the company and want to do MBA to gain knowledge and a higher degree or PG Diploma. The issue is since this program is designed for working professionals along with their job, so most of the colleges will not provide placement assistance. This advantage is available with Option 3, Ex-MBA.

However, if there are constraints and one want to pursue MBA then Part-time MBA is a viable option. But care should be taken to select a program and college that holds value in the market so that if one tries for off-campus placement, there is not much of issue. So, selection of college is most important decision in this regard.

Here I am listing part-time MBA Colleges in and around Delhi:-

S.No. College Link Remarks
1 IIML - Noida Campus The criterion is that the employer should sponsor the candidate.
2 Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi This is run by Delhi University and is the most reasonably  priced course - Rs. 11000 per annum, ie Rs.33000 for total course
3 IIFT, Delhi
4 MDI Gurgaon Placement assistance is not available
5 DoM, IIT Delhi

It is a good option
6 IMI Delhi
7 Fore School of Management

First 5 are the worth going for. Last two are good. If you need I can research about them in detail when you finalize about pursuing MBA.

Happy decision-making.