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MTS MBlaze - Worst Internet Service Provider

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This is my story of sufferings that I faced with MTS MBlaze. It was a red-letter day when thought of buying MTS MBlaze entered my mind and that was the day when I had given open invitation to trouble, frustration, and tension.

I bought MTS Mblaze in first week of Feb 2010. However, after 1 week it stopped working. I contacted their Customer Care and they informed that the device was not registered in your name and so they cannot help with any issue. I was shocked and surprised. I contacted the persons from MTS Pune and they told me that by mistake they have mixed the documents of two customers that is why there was all the confusion. They gave me their demo device, which used to stop working at 10PM. After a months time (March 2010 last), they returned my device with changed number.

However, the connectivity was still very bad. There were hardly any signals and whenever there were any the websites used to open very late. This was very frustrating. Later on 30 August 2010, I got it recharged and within few days, I was unable to connect to internet. I again called their customer care and was informed that my number does not exist. I told them I got it recharged few days back but of no use. The person was not even ready to listen anything and disconnected. I again contacted local MTS personals and they told me that my number has again changed. They provided me with the new number in mid-September, but the recharge that I got on 30 August was never returned to me nor credited to my device.

Two days ago (Nov 2010), after returning from Diwali holidays, I got it recharged again. It got connected but no website could be opened including MTS Blaze's homepage. I am still trying!

MTS is worst service provider. I have used Reliance Netconnect (USB) and Airtel broadband in Pune and BSNL Broadband in Agra. They are far ahead of MTS. I will recommend everyone to refrain from buying MTS because the Reebok shoes they provide free with their connection will only be used running after MTS personnel to get your work done. At least till they get their service competitive enough.

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