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What I am?

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I was asked sometime back whether I am a feminist or not. I was thinking about that question and could not come up with any answer. Here I am trying to analyze myself. Let us see what happens.

What exactly I am? I am not a feminist because if I were, I would have allowed my wife to do what she likes and given the freedom to have her own share of wrongs. Now, when I talk about right or wrong, again these are subjective things and are relative things. Some things are right in for someone and wrong for others. Therefore, my wife may be right in doing certain things and acting likely but those acts may seem wrong to me. However, these perceptions may be based on whims and may be nothing more than idiotic idiosyncrasies that I may, unknowingly, possess.

I have talked and written about women rights and have always supported them. However, the behaviour towards my wife may suggest them I am a hypocrite or follow double standards. However, I do not want to think so.

Therefore, what can be the most reasonable answer to the question “What I am?” The answer that will save me from the critical scrutiny of my thoughts and those of people with whom I share my thoughts would be. What I can come up is that I am just a human being who has his own whims and idiosyncrasies. I am trying to reform myself, but that is taking time. Any suggestions that will make me rational towards my approach are welcome.

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