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ISA Centennial Jam - Right to Express

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#I found this as a private post. So, thought to share it with world. Anyways time of this post and time mentioned  at the start of the post may not be in sync.
7 hrs. 53 mins. 40 secs left when I started writing this post. For what? For ISA Centennial Jam to end. A great experience, lot of thoughts, plenty of discussions, great ideas and a sense of satisfaction that it brought with it was a wonderful time that one might have spent in IBM.

IBM India/SA (ISA) came up with a brilliant idea to organize a JAM to celebrate the centennial year of IBM. ISA Centennial JAM gave all IBMers in the region a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with each other, share ideas, have direct access to key executives and initiate meaningful conversations. And what we have in return is:-

Since the start of the Jam on 23rd Feb 2011
# of total posts: 10755
# of total logins: 18284

And still there are over 7 hours to go.

JAM was a place to watch. So many people having lot to say and relate to. It was amazing to have such a wonderful discussion inside IBM. Even if you do not have any idea to share or anything to respond, just going through the responses on different threads would be a wonderful experience - an experience that will educate you and by the time you will complete reading few threads there will be plenty of ideas that will come into your mind and that others would cheerfully like to know. Otherwise too it will be an education session for the next JAM or to implement in real life.

The only question is "What Next?" Will this be the end in itself. Probably not. Because Shanker Annaswamy  has promised that some top ideas across discussion forums will be sponsored by the India Leadership team for further evaluation/implementation. Other select ideas that tie in directly with IBM Centennial plan will be shared with the Corporation.

For others it is high time to realize the potential of their ideas and brainstorm further so as to make the idea a big hit next time.

Hope that we have more such JAMs in the future and also that chosen Ideas hit the market. Till then keep thinking.

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