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Government considering bio-shields against tsunami

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I was going through this news sometime back  so thought it is worth sharing. Here are the excerpts:

  • The Environment Ministry is considering the idea of developing bioshields comprising mangrove and non-mangrove species in coastal areas adjoining critical infrastructure projects such as power plants and oil storage depots.
  • The idea of promoting mangroves and other biological shields to provide a ‘speed breaker’ was suggested by agricultural scientist and Rajya Sabha (Council of States) MP MS Swaminathan. The suggestion is being followed up by the expert group appointed by Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh to evaluate additional safeguards against the risk of tsunami.
  • Swaminathan has also suggested that the coastal areas adjoining the nuclear plants could be declared as critically vulnerable coastline. The senior agricultural scientist said that the idea of using mangroves as line of defence against coastal storms and tsunamis came following a discussion with older generation of Japanese scientists in 1989.
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