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[Book Review] Northlight by Deborah J Ross

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This was my first book which I won for review from LibraryThing. It was an e-book so it was difficult for me to read it in a stretch but somehow I managed and completed reading the book. Now it is the time to review.  I liked the book rather quite enjoyed reading it. Deborah Joss has done a wonderful job in describing the characters but there was something missing in the characters though I don't know what it was. But the characters could have been more forceful.

The twists in the book will keep your interest going. The sketches of landscapes are fantastic and you would assume that you are in the places yourself. The use of language is evocative and you will like it too.  Deborah brilliantly describes the incidents happening and your urge to read further keeps on going.

The end could have been better. Overall, the book was nice to read since it was Free! A joke apart, the book is a good read.  I will recommend my friends to read it.

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