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[Book Review] Introduction to the Constitution of India by Dr. Durga Das Basu

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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="97"]Introduction to the Constitution of India by DD Basu [/caption]

Introduction to the Constitution of India is a fantastic book on the subject of Indian Constitution and presents a wonderful commentary on the same. It deals with everything and nothing substantial is left out. The language is simply beautiful which is least expected from an Indian academic author at university level.

Indian constitution is the largest written constitution of the world and it is difficult to read and understand everything. However, D.D. Basu has written this masterpiece to make things easy for us. I am an engineer and to understand the legal terms is a tedious job, but this book with its set of examples makes it easier to understand the Constitution.

It presents the Indian Constitution in a pleasant way and defines it philosophy in such a manner that you feel proud of it being an Indian. However, at points where you feel Indian Constitution lacks something he is also critical of the same or explains why that is the case and you again start feeling that it is fine.

After so much of trouble that the country had been facing - Anna Hazare's fast unto death campaign, Black Money case, 2G Spectrum, CWG Scam case - which had lead me to feel devastated and having lost my faith in the system and the law of the land, this book comes as a refresher and bring back the hope that Indian Constitution will act as a check on the government and other persons and will make everything better by asserting itself.

It is necessary read for everyone. Whether you are a lawyer or not does not matter. Every citizen of the country should read it to know the Constitution and his or her rights.

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