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[Book Review] Paranoia by Joseph Finder

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  • Author: Joseph Finder

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  • Genres: Thriller, Suspense, Espionage, Fiction

After Whiteout, I had my hands on Paranoia by Joseph Finder. It is a new degree of novel, which has touched the subject of espionage in the corporate world. Joseph has given me an opportunity to read the second gripping and fantastically written novel. An intriguing novel and a product of great imagination that keeps you engaged until the very end.

The frustrated, unsatisfied and a disgruntled employee of Wyatt Telecom, Adam Cassady has two options to choose between – prison for a goof up he did to celebrate an unknown employee’s farewell and to work as a spy in an another company. Adam makes his choice.

He goes through a training session that transforms into an excellent marketing executive and with the help of high-profile recommendations, he easily clears a well-rehearsed interview at the rival of Wyatt Telecom, Trion Systems, and starts off under “a ruthless, tyrannical” boss Nora Summers. Wyatt’s CEO, Nicholas Wyatt has gifted the collection of gadgets and things that help him spy around and send back critical information to him through an encrypted and safe channel.

He goofs up the first meeting with Nora, and the trend continues in a number of such meets. However, with clever ideas and constant intelligence boost from Wyatt make it possible for him to be able to reach the level of CEO’s assistant. The story continues to tell how Adam’s works out his plans and gathers intel and send it across to Wyatt.

Finder gives a fantastic array of knowledge about the technical measures taken by the companies in protecting their secret plans and projects. He describes everything superbly and with a vivid description, everything appears to be happening in front of your eyes. Fantastically narrated, Paranoia keeps the level of interest and suspense until the very last.

My rating 3/5.

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