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There is no tolerance in India

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'Aarakshan' banned in UP; stay order on film's release in Punjab

The tolerance in India is negligible!! We can't listen anything about a cause, we can't read anything about the cause but we can implement it. "Aarakshan" is a just a movie. Many have not watched it. But still are opposing it. Why? Are we really being democratic? Are we a forward moving society? No, I do not think so.

Our governments will not ban the financial irregularities that they are purposefully doing, they will do nothing about recent scams which are a major law and order situation, but will go and ban a movie.

Even our communities are not ready to hear anything. You can't name a film Billoo Barber because Barbers will feel offended? Why will they feel offended? What is wrong in being a barber? You can be a barber and earn your bread but will feel offended when you are called a barber. Word "Teli" will be beeped or muted from the song. Dalits will have no problem when they ask for reservation but if you call them so, then they have a problem. I do not understand the logic behind these problems. Why is there so much intolerance. A book will be banned because it praises Jinnah. An artist will have to leave the country because he painted something which people can not digest. What he hell is all this nonsense?

There is no problem with reservation, the problem is with the attitude of people in India.

Upper caste can't tolerate lower castes, lower castes can't tolerate upper castes. We still are revolving around this caste system. To hell with caste system!!

When are we going to have tolerance?

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