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Zurker - an Introduction to the Future

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You may know that Facebook founder Mark Zukerburg has stolen the idea from two twin brother in harvard university in 2001. Later on they complained and got 65 million dollar in 2007. In 2009 they started a new project(ZURKER). You can join it now and become a share holder of ZURKER. Facebook’s worth 50 billion today but its users getting 0%. So this new idea is invoked by the twin.

There are hundreds of member joining per day, ……, totally free. New features are being added daily to make it better than facebook and google+ and to rule the future of social networking. Join today and become a shareholder now. It’s limited to 7 country only, including India and US.
Zurker is:

  • A member-owned Social Network: This means Zurker isn’t owned by a select few venture capitalists who stand to make billions and billions. There is nothing wrong with the idea of venture capitalists making billions from tech investments, but in the case of a social network, the priorities get skewed. If social networks are owned by VC’s and investment banks (such as Goldman Sachs) and other investors looking purely for profit, they gradually become orientated towards one thing and one thing only: making money. How do we mine more data from the users? How do we monetize their every action? How do we get them addicted to paid apps which improve the bottom line? It’s not a bad thing for a social network to make money, but if squeezing every last penny from the user base is the abiding concern, the users aren’t going to get the best possible product.
  • Driven by democracy : The traditional way for social networks to innovate has been top-down all the way. A small group of engineers make key decisions about what features should be made available. Sometimes, brilliant innovators (such as Steve Jobs) can come up with mind-blowing applications nobody knew they wanted. But in many cases, the changes are driven by mundane things such as corporate politics, and the users are forced to adapt to changes because they have no choice.
  • Owned by You: There are dozens if not hundreds of social applications on the web. All of them want your time, and most of them want you to help them grow by referring your friends. But why should you? The only people who benefit when those apps grow are the founders and their investors. They stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars each if their product takes off, so it’s no wonder they keep pressuring you to help them grow.

At Zurker, you are a co-owner and an investor. You can earn vShares by referring your friends. The more friends you invite, the more equity you earn. Zurker becomes better, and better, as more people join, increasing in value. As Zurker becomes more valuable, your stake becomes more valuable.

You need an invite/reference and if you wish to join then do it now: Join Zurker

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