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Changing Focus

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Dear All,

It has been a quite a good time that I have been writing on social issues. Now, I am changing my focus to technical stuff - Programming Languages, etc. There will be posts on social issues and other regular stuff as well but their frequency (though I am not that frequent) and number is bound to go down. I may not be regular on technical stuff writings here as well. My main focus is to learn and explore new things technically. I have lagged behind - yes - a long six years. But now I plan to reclaim my technical brain. Hope that it happens soon.

I do not know how long will I be able to focus on this. For past few months I have been thinking on this and since past two weeks I have been trying to make up my mind for the same and finally I have made up my mind.

You will see some technical stuff flowing in over here. Hope you will like it. The main reason I am not separating the technical stuff from my main blog is that I do not know how frequent I will be in technical stuff. Once I am sure that I can continue with technical stuff all alone, I will move to a new blog.

Moreover, I am planning to work on some open source project as well. However, I am not able to decide on anything. Or to be more specific I am not even sure how can I go about it. Any help will be appreciated.

Also, you may not see any actions for sometime on this blog. I will surely reply to your comments, but the response may get delayed.

In the end, I would just like to say thank you all to be here and hope that we all will be here for times to come.

Thank you once again.


Palak Mathur

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