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Book Review - Oracle Certified Associate Java Se 7 Programmer Study Guide by Richard M. Reese

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Oracle has now introduced a new certification named Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE7 Programmer, which is mandatory if you want to become Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE7 Programmer (given to understand that you already are not OCP in some other version of Java). So, Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE7 Programmer (OCA7) is really important exam for a Java developer who wants to get certified and valued.

Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE7 Programmer Study Guide by Richard M Reese is the book that caters to the objectives of the exam and is a useful guide for the new entrants to the Java Programming Language 7 and a ready reference for those who have some experience and want to brush up their basics.

Experienced programmers may find this book as merely introducing the topics without going into the depths. And that is what exactly this book is meant for. We need to understand that this is meant to cover the objectives of the OCA exam and the book covers them well.

If you are an experienced Java programmer then certainly this book is not meant for you. For experienced Java Programmers who have already been certified in Java’s older versions can go for upgrade examination thereby skipping OCA route. For those who have not taken older version Certification, they must go through OCA route. And for that purpose this books comes as a great help and relief as it makes you familiar with the examination objectives. I also do not have a Java certification from Oracle (or SUN), and after reading this book I think I must go for the exam and am planning to do the same. Better late than never.

The language used is simple and the concepts are introduced in a very clear and lucid manner without throwing too much data and information at a go on the reader.

Only one thing that I would have liked in the book is a greater number of problems at the end of the chapters and with varied levels of difficulty. Though there are problem sets at the end of every chapter but they are very short and most of them are quite simple. I hope that later versions of the book will cater to these needs.

In the end, I would just say that if you are planning to take OCA7 examination, then give this book a try.

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*P.S.:- I received this book as a gift from the publisher in return of the review on my blog(s) and other sites. *

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