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Domain Registration - One Week Headache

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Early this week, after I returned from Mumbai, the first thing that I did was to create my site using Github Pages. I soon became excited enough to register a domain and use that for my site. I have been doing some research on the domains but still many things were unclear to me and I had marked them as doubts and placed them safely in a text file saved in a personal folder on my ThinkPad.

However, on that day I was overexcited and wanted to register a domain as early as possible. From Google Ads, I had came to know that is giving away .in domains for Rs.99/year. So, I went to and registered the domain from there for a period of years at a total cost of Rs. 495/-. I received a mail from CrazyDomains that the Registration is awaiting approval and will take maximum 48 hours. I was fine with that. But this was where the painful days started. I sent CrazyDomains a mail the very next day about the status for which they replied the next day of my mail. The content of their mail is as follows:

I tried several time to contact them again. But didn’t get response from them. I checked .IN WhOIS and found that the domain that I was looking for ( was yet not registered. So, I went to BigRock and contacted their Sales staff through Live Chat. They said as soon as the payment is made, the domain will be active to be used. NOTE: Here I would like to mention that while doing my research for domain registration, I had come across the list of approved registrar for .in domain and did not feature on that list. How I forgot that is the question that I am still trying to figure out. I soon registered the domain with BigRock. What a relief it was! I added an A Record in DNS settings, and CNAME file to my Github repository and in around 15 minutes, I could hit my domain and access my site.

As soon as I did this, I received another reply from CrazyDomains, saying:

Now, I say to hell with you CrazyDomains, I have already registered the domain. It was crazy of me to deal with you. You made me go crazy and insane.

I am in my senses back. Thanks to BigRock. Hope everything remains fine. :)

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