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Book Review - Java EE 7 Developer Handbook by Peter A. Pilgirm

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Java EE 7 Developer Handbook by Peter A. Pilgrim, as the name suggests, is a reference guide and developer handbook for people currently working on Java EE Technology. The book is not for dummies and is definitely not a tutorial; so you must have worked on Java EE 7 technology to really enjoy the book. This book is suited for those who have experience in prior versions of Java EE and want to upgrade their knowledge about the changes that come with Java EE 7.

The book is fairly large and is divided into eleven chapters and four appendices and one online chapter. The topics covered are Java EE7 HTML5 support, Context and Dependency Injection (CDI), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Persistence API and Object Relational Mapping, Java Servlets, RESTful WebServices using JAX-RS 2.0, Java Message Service 2.0(JMS) and Bean Validation. The appendix cover Java EE 7 platform, and XML Configuration, JNDI namespace, Java EE7 Transactions covering ACID principles, and also covers topics like JSON-Processing API and Concurrencly Utilities API. Online chapter is on the support provided by Java EE 7 for Cloud development.

The book is lengthy but not exhaustive and author does not claim to be exhaustive. The book is a good read for people working in Java EE 6 and prior version and looking forward to work on Java EE 7 and want a ready reckoner for that purpose. The chapters does not follow any particular sequence and you can jump around as you want and feel comfortable. It has been a long time that I worked on Java EE application, so after first chapter I jumped to chapter on Java Servlets and then followed the path through RESTful WebServices, JMS, and finally ended with JEJB and CDI.

Overall the book was a nice read and I would recommend anyone who would be interested in Java EE 7 technologies. However, keep in mind that it is not a tutorial but a reference guide

My rating will be 3.5/5.

Note: I received this book as a gift from publisher in return of the review on my blog(s) and other websites.

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