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Book Review - Node Cookbook Second Edition by David Mark Clements

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Node Cookbook by David Mark Clements as the book title page suggests give quick answers to some of the common problems faced by developers working with Node.js and would be easily liked by those who are already working on Node.js and need a solution to a problem that they might be facing. Having said that, this book is not for someone who is kickstarting his journey in the world of Node.js.

The book is divided into 11 chapters and covers over 50 recipes to master the art of asynchronous server-side JavaScript using Node.js including data serialization, interfacing with Databases, Socket IO, Express 4, crash recovery techniques, SMTP, TCP, and my favorite SSL. Each chapter has several code examples that are easy to understand and follow. I would admit that I did not try all the recipes but only few and found one to be not working so submitted the errata as well.

The book is good as a quick reference for developers who are currently working on Node.js. However, the book is not for someone who is trying to learn Node.js from scratch though the book may help them if used with a book that covers the concepts of Node.js as the code examples in this book are surely a great asset for anyone.

My rating 3/5.

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