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Got a new bicycle!

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Today in the morning Ray wanted to get out and play; he misses school when it is an off day for him from school. He wanted us to take him out but 8 am in the morning before you are even awake and in your senses. However, Priti brought out the idea that we may go to Perot Museum to which I readily agreed.

At around 11 AM, we left for the Museum and went straight to see the Dinosaurs exhibit on the fourth floor. After that went to third floor for earth and energy related exhibits. The only thing that Ray liked was the earthquake tremors; rest everything was incomprehensible for his age. But still he liked few things. Soon after we had lunch and watched the movie, forty minutes documentary called Journey to the Space 3D. We liked it but again Ray watched his Panda movie on iPhone.

After the movie we left for home. But on the way I missed a turn and soon we were at [Dick’s Sporting Goods] ( at Stonebriar Mall. I had been looking for a bike since I lost the road bike in October 2014. I was in dilemma whether to go for a road bike or a hybrid bike. Road bikes are expensive and I had no intention to spent that much money. Having said that I believe all good bikes are expensive. I rode few of them and finally decided to buy DiamondBack Insight Performance Hybrid Bike. We came home and went back to pick it up.

I went for a ride and found the bike really nice. Gears shifting was impressive for that cheap of a bike. It ran swiftly. I am really impressed till now.

It is great to get a new bike. Finally after waiting for such a long time, I was able to find a bike that I needed. Loved it!

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