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I like taking pictures. But I am lazy to click pictures using a DSLR. I own one but use it occasionally. The truth is that I don’t even need one. My iPhone is one of the best point and shoot cameras in the world and I simply love it.

With iPhone (or any smart phone for that matter), comes the ease of portability. Portability not only terms of carrying your camera and photos with you all the time but sharing them instantly as well. You want to share pictures with your friends, you can Airdrop them, upload to a Dropbox folder or share in the family vault on Amazon’s Prime Photos app or save it for eternity in Amazon Glacier. The last one would be true for programmers who are interested in managing their own cloud hub for their images.

You can blog as well. I used to maintain a blog (one of my several) just for my clicks called: But it was too much of a work - more a hassle - upload image to a sharing website like Google Picassa, copy the link and create a post on Wordpress and finally publish. I never could like it. Then I moved to Github hosted website (this website), but again it was too much of a work.

One fine day last year, my wife introduced me to Instagram and it clicked. Instagram is one of the best app available right now where you can share and showcase your work with the entire world. And with all image editing features and some great filters, your normal pictures can become award-winning. It is a social media woven around images and story a image tells. It is convenient way to share pics with the world. No hassles of maintaining a blog for your images. Just click and share (apply filters if you wish). The best part is - it is free.

Instagram has revolutionized the way I share my pics. I love it.

P.S.: I use the word images for both pictures and videos.

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