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New Year 2020 - Resolution

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I am lazy, a procrastinator and I skip exercising, cycling, and lot of “living”. I want to change this habit. As I am getting older, it will be wiser for me to stop thinking and start “living”.

So, this year (finally, I have a resolution; I never had it before) I will quantify everything I do - gamify everything. Gamification has worked with me in the past and hope it will work again. The zeal to achieve the higher number is always exhilarating and forces me to do more - a true source of happiness and inspiration.

I can currently think of the following things that I can quantify:

  1. Number of Books (fiction)
  2. Number of Books (Non-fiction)
  3. Exercise minutes and activities
  4. Cycling miles
  5. Swimming yards
  6. Running activities (I don’t like to run, want to start)
  7. Podcast (Technical) minutes
  8. Podcast (Non-technical) minutes
  9. Screen Time
  10. GATech course hours
  11. Weight lost
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