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Test Driven Development - A Management Technique

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I like Unit Tests and am a huge fan of those (another post on that later). On the other hand TDD not so much. TDD or Test Driven Development is my nightmare. I can’t do it. Mostly, I struggle with it. Always, in the end, I hate it.

I get it why it is important to follow TDD. Vladimir Sedach mentioned in his blog1, “Forcing unit tests to be written before the code ensures that unit tests are actually written.” He rightly says that it is a Taylorist Management Technique for “reducing software maintenance cost.” What it means is that Unit Tests are an effective way to reduce software maintenance costs and TDD just enforces that unit tests are actually written. In itself TDD doesn’t guarantee software with less bugs. It is a Management technique not a Technology.


  1. TDD does not work the way you think it does ( 

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