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Hindu Fundamentalism or Kattar Hindutva

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Recently I saw someone calling themselves “Kattar Hindu” (Hindu Fundamentalist). I was wondering what it would mean to be a “Kattar Hindu”. “Kattar Hindu” or Hindu Fundamentalist will be someone who adheres to Hindu tradition and culture. That would mean someone respectful of others - people of any faith and religion. He would have place in his heart for people who differ in philosophy and ideology than the ones in which he finds comforts. That is the only thing that Hindu Philosophy supports. It goes out of its way to adopt people from different philosophies and consider them Hindus. I hope whoever calls themselves “Kattar Hindu” has this fundamental understanding of Hinduism.

Now, the question arises is Hinduism all bright and shiny? Not really. Over the years we have also deviated from the fundamentals. The biggest deviation happened centuries ago with Varna Vyavastha or Varna System. It can be explained but it can never be justified. In the name of it we have done atrocities on others for time immemorial (and continue to do so).

If we want to become Hindu Fundamentalists, we need to go back to our roots. Understand what Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma is and rethink and reevaluate what we stand for.

I will consider myself a Hindu Fundamentalist. I do not believe in rituals and rites, reeti and riwaz. Some will consider me atheist. Nevertheless, I am a Hindu. Beauty of being Hindu Fundamentalists is that you can be anything. Really, it is the Zootopia of Religions!

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