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Working Copy - The Powerful Git Client for iPad

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I use Github pages to host my blog posts. Even though it seems easier that you are using Github to host your blog/website, it is a tedious job. To add one post, you have to be on your laptop to do so and deal with all the git paraphernalia. It gets tiring after a point. As an evidence, you can see the amount of posts that I used to do before switching to Github pages and how many I do now. There is a vast difference.

I recently bought iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard. It made my life much easier. However, it was missing a decent editor that has integrated Git client. Searching for one such editor, I discovered Working Copy. It is a Git client and supports Git clones, commits and pushes but also has a very decent editor. Now, I don’t have to worry about opening my laptop. I can use my iPad for blogging purposes.

It supports Github and Bitbucket, which is awesome. It has some great features, which I am yet to explore like Hosting providers - if you have Enterprise Github, it provides you the ability to connect to it as well. I have not tried it so far so cannot comment on how easy it is going to be. It has support for Branch editing, Pull requests, Resolving conflicts, etc. More on this later. I am just happy to have found it today.

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