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Lata Mangeshkar

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Death of Lata Mangeshkar ji comes as a shock. I can’t imagine the world without her voice. She was the nightingale of India. Thankfully, her voice will remain.

The song from film Kinaara sung by her and Shri Bhupinder Singh is so apt.

Naam Gum Jaayega, 
Chehra Yeh Badal Jaayega,
Meri Awaaz hi Pehchaan Hai, 
Agar Yaad Rahe

Rough translation:

It is certain that my name will eventually be lost and forgotten,
It is certain that my face will eventually change and forgotten too,
However, my voice gives me my identity,
If you just remember it!

Who will forget her voice. Lata Mangeshkar ji will always remain in our hearts.

Om Shanti!