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iPhone Apps, Distractions and Life - App Inventory

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Tired of distractions that I carry with myself all the time - my iPhone Apps, today I did an inventory of all the apps that I have on my phone. And deleted 29 apps. There are over 150 apps on my phone. This list doesn’t contain the stock Apple apps and Finance apps.

Trying to reduce the number of apps installed on my phone. I had already removed plenty of other apps - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were few of them. Now to that list 29 more apps got added. Hopefully, I will be able to get the minimalist iPhone that I would love to have. This is the first step toward gaining my independence from the SmartPhone. :-)

S.No. App Category Purpose Alternative Methods Deleted?
1. Discord Social Communication Webbrowser on laptop Yes
2. GroupMe Social Baseball Practices Comm WebBrowser on Laptop  
3. Igloo Social IRC Client Emacs on Laptop  
4. Keybase Social Security Keys ?  
5. LinkedIn Social Professional Social Network WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
6. Messenger Social Facebook Messenger WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
7. MeWe Social GATech Forum WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
8. Pi Finance CryptoCurrency ?  
9. Telegram Social VISA Appointments No  
10. WhatsApp Social Family and Friends Groups ?  
11. AmazonDrive Productivity Files and Photos Backup Laptop App Yes
12. AnyList Productitvity Shopping List Pen and Paper  
13. BeOrg Productivity Org Mode Reminders Emacs Yes
14. Blind Social Anonymous Workforce community WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
15. Drafts Productivity Notes Laptop App  
16. Drive (Google) Productivity Office WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
17. Dropbox Productivity Google Drive WebBrowser on Laptop  
18. Due Productivity Reminders    
19. Duo Mobile Security GATech    
20. Github Productivity Code sharing WebBrowser on Laptop  
21. Gmail Productivity Office Email Emacs on Laptop Yes
22. Google Calendar Productivity Calendar Webbrowser on Laptop  
23. Google Keep Productivity Notes Notes App Yes
24. PingID Security Office Yubikey  
25. ScannerPro Productivity Scanning Documents    
26. Sheets Productivity Office Laptop Yes
27. Docs Productivity Office Laptop Yes
28. Slack Productivity Office Communication WebBrowser on Laptop  
29. Teams Productivity GATech Communication WebBrowser on Laptop  
30. Tunnel Productivity Office    
31. UdemyBusiness Education Learning WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
32 Google Voice Social Alternative Cellphone#    
33. Word Productivity GATech WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
34. Workday Productivity Office Payslips WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
35. ZenPlanner Fitness Crossfit    
36. Zoom Social Office WebBrowser on Laptop  
37. Authenticator Security MFA    
38. Cleanup Utility iPhone Cleanup    
39. ConnectIQ Utiltity Garmin    
40. CoServ Utility Gas Bill and Payments WebBrowser on Laptop  
41. Feit Electric Utility Light Bulb Control    
42. Google Utility Search WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
43. OBDeleven Utility Audi Configurer    
44. Ring Security Ring Doorbell    
45. SmartHub(GCEC) Utility Electric Bill and Payments WebBrowser on Laptop  
46. WaterMyYard Utility Watering Recommendation WebBrowser on Laptop  
47. AstroSage Utility Kundali software WebBrowser on Laptop  
48. Disney+ Entertainment Streaming Apple TV  
49. ESPN Entertainment Streaming Apple TV  
50. Hulu Entertainment Streaming Apple TV  
51. Netflix Entertainment Streaming Apple TV  
52. Oculus Entertainmnet VR Headset Apple TV  
53. Prime Video Entertainment Streaming Apple TV  
54. Showtime Entertainment Streaming Apple TV  
55. TVF Play Entertainment Streaming (Indian shows)    
56. Willow Entertainment Streaming Apple TV (?)  
57. YouTube Entertainment Streaming Apple TV  
58. YouTube TV Entertainment Streaming Apple TV  
59. Algorithms Education Education    
60. Coursera Education Education WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
61. edX Education Education WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
62. Khan Kids Education Kids    
63. O’Reilly Education Books subscription WebBrowser on Laptop/iPad  
64. Piazza Education GATech WebBrowser on Laptop  
65. Prodigy Education/Game Kids Maths Game   Yes
66. Skyview Lite Astronomy Education    
67. Canvas Education GATech WebBrowser on Laptop  
68. Book Books eBook Reader Laptop/iPad Yes
69. FBReader Books eBook Reader    
70. GoodReads Social   WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
71. Kindle Books eBook Reader WebBrowser on Laptop/iPad Yes
72. Libby Books Library Service    
73. LibraryThing Library Catalog Service WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
74. Airbnb Travel   WebBrowser on Laptop  
75. Google Maps Travel Directions   Yes
76. Lyft Travel Taxi Service    
77. Marriott Bonvoy Travel Hotel Bookings WebBrowser on Laptop  
78. myAudi Travel Car    
79. Tollmate Travel Toll    
80. Uber Travel Taxi Service    
81. Waze Travel Directions    
82. AmazonPhotos Creativity Backup Glacier  
83. DJI Mimo Creativity      
84. Google Photos Creativity Backup Glacier  
85. Tello Creativity Drone Control    
86. Audubon Information Bird Watching   Yes
87. Clear Outside Astronomy Watching Conditions    
88. Medium Information Blogs WebBrowser on Laptop  
89. Nextdoor Social Neigborhood WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
90. Nightsky Astronomy Astronomy    
91. Pocket Information Bookmarks WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
92. Reddit Social Discussion Forum WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
93. Rekhta Information Urdu Poems WebBrowser on Laptop  
94. Storyshots Reading Book Summary WebBrowser on Laptop  
95. Weather Channel Information Weather ipad  
96. WashPost Information News iPad  
97. WasteConnect Utility Trash Pickup    
98. WSJ Information News iPad  
99. Zinio Information Magazines iPad  
100. AllTrails Fitness Trail maps    
101. Atlas Information Body Atlas    
102. ZCompanion Fitness Zwift    
103. Connect Fitness Garmin    
104. GroomTribe Grooming Phillips Norelco   Yes
105 HealthMate Health Withings +    
106. iHealth Test Health COVID Test    
107. Kinetic Fitness Kinetic    
108. MyPremiseHealth Health Office Clinic    
109. MyEvive Health Office    
110. MyFitnessPal Fitness Food Journal    
111. Renpho Health Weighing Machine    
112. RunGap Fitness Sync various services    
113. Runkeeper Fitness Fitness Tracker    
114. Strava Fitness Fitness Tracker    
115. SugarWOD Fitness CrossFit    
116. SydneyHealth Health Insurance    
117. Therabody Fitness Massager Companion    
118. xhalebreathing Fitness Breathing exercise    
119. Zwift Fitness Virtual Biking    
120. Costco Shopping Shopping WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
121. CVS Shopping Prescription WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
122. DoorDash Shopping Food service WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
123. Flipkart Shopping Indian Online Shop WebBrowser on Laptop  
124. GrubHub Shopping Food service WebBrowser on Laptop Yes
125. Instacart Shopping Shopping Service   Yes
126. Nutrislice School School Lunch Menu    
127. CapOne Shopping Shopping Discount Service    
128. Starbucks Shopping Coffee    
129. Target Shopping Shopping    
130. UniDays Shopping Student Discount    
131. Walmart Shopping Shopping    
132. BoseConnect Utility      
133. Bose Music Utility      
134. Shazam Music Music Identification    
135. SoundTouch Utility Bose    
136. Spotify Music Music Streaming    
137. YouTubeMusic Music Music Streaming    

P.S.: This does not include Finance Apps
Edit 1: Around 29 apps deleted from iPhone.

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