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Raju Srivastav

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For most middle class Indians, the first stand-up comedians were part of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 1. And the one man that everyone wanted to win but didn’t was Raju Srivastav. Before we learned about Russel Peters, Louis C K, Seinfeld, etc, before the emergence of the new breed of home bred vulgarity that is now sold as comedy, there was one man and one character that ruled our hearts - Raju Srivastav’s Gajodhar.

His observations directly picked from the Indian middle-class resonated so well with everyone that he became the star while doing the Laughter Challenge. His years of struggle finally paid off.

It is a sad day that he has passed away at just 58 years. The show must go on and will go on but the void that his passing has created, will remain for a long time. Om Shanti!