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What an Inning from Virat Kohli vs Pakistan

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Virat Kohli’s knock today in the T20 World Cup 2022 match againt Pakistan was amazing, He was so calm and composed that if I were not watching the replay of the game, I would be cursing him. Then again, he is the king 👑 and I am an ordinary spectator.

Yes, I didn’t watch the game live and only after my Exam, I watched the replay. But replay gave me the opportunity to focus on other aspects of the game than the live match would.

Virat Kohli’s superb knock was of a matured cricketer who just believed in his cricketing skills and kept his head straight. Hardik Pandya played second fiddle today but the partnership between them brought hope back for India after losing four early wickets.

The last over was so dramatic. First ball wicket of Hardik Pandya, if it were not for a replay, would have made me upset. DK came and he ran. He is 37 but he ran like a 25 year old. But he got stumped as well. Kohli had earlier hit a six in the same over on a No ball and then ran a 3 run bye while Pakistan was hoping for a dead ball call. In the end it was Ashwin who came out to face the last ball and India needing 2 runs to win. If he gets out India have lost the match but as Kohli said, “it was meant to be!” Ashwin left the ball going outside leg, which was called a wide and this leveled the score. 1 ball 1 run. Everyone inside the inner circle to save that run and Ashwin, keeping his calm, lofted it over mid off to take the winning runs!

Virat Kohli was in tears and so was I. Even though I knew this was a recording and the match was already won.

This was a knock of a lifetime. I had the same feelings as watching Sachin’s ODI inning in 1998 at Sharjah against Australia. But this was a bigger event. This was in the 2022 T20 Cricket World Cup!

Hats off to Kohli. He certainly is a king 👑!