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The Role of Management Philosophy for New Managers

As a manager and specially as a new manager, your philosophy and approach to leadership can have a significant impact on your team and the overall success of your organization. Whether you're new to management or an experienced leader, it's important to have a clear and well-defined management philosophy that guides your actions and decisions.

Graduated from Georgia Tech

Personal Growth
Finally, I completed my MS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology

Nazeer Akbarabadi - Mahadevji ka byah

India   Poetry   Poets   Hindi
This post is about Nazeer Akbarabadi (1735-1830), a poet who wrote beautiful poetry on Indian festivals.

Problem with Delivery Apps

Insane Thoughts   Business
There are certainly problems with Delivery Apps when it comes down to employee and customer satisfaction. A quick take.

What is Advaita Vedanta?

Vedanta   Hinduism   Religion   Artificial Intelligence   Philosophy
Advaita Vedanta is a powerful and transformative philosophy that teaches the concept of non-dualism. Through the realization of the oneness of the individual self and the universal self, we can attain liberation from the cycle of reincarnation and experience true freedom and peace.

दूर आगरा से

Poetry   Hindi   Ghazal   Urdu   हिंदी   ग़ज़ल
Here I try to express my life, H1B and GC travails using Mir's couplets.

Mir and My H1B and GC Travails

Insane Thoughts   Personal   Poetry   Poets   Hindi   Urdu   हिंदी
Here I try to express my life, H1B and GC travails using Mir's couplets.

P and NP Completeness - Understanding the Complexity of Algorithms

Algorithms   Computer Science
When it comes to understanding the complexity of algorithms, the terms "P" and "NP" often come up in discussions. These terms are used to describe the complexity of problems and their corresponding algorithms in terms of time and space complexity. In this post, we'll take a closer look at what P and NP completeness mean and how they relate to the complexity of algorithms.