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Kotlin Brings Smile on my Face

Software Engineering   Programming
Love Kotlin

Gratitude Metrics

Insane Thoughts   Personal Growth
Gratitude is important. Quantifying is importanter.

Emerging Technologies - 2017

List of top 10 emerging technologies of 2017.

Images, Pictures, Videos and Instagram

Insane Thoughts
Instagram changed the way I share pictures and short videos.

Welcome Rinayra!

Welcome Rinayra, my princess!

Lazy Evaluation, Streams, Reactive Programming and Reactive architecture

Technology   Programming
An attempt to make sense of the world I work in.

Migrating SVN Repo to Git

How to migrate SVN repository to Git?

Traceability Matrix - How important is its role in an Agile World

Technology   Agile
Do we really need to maintain a Requirements Traceability Matrix as a separate entity?