systemhalted by Palak Mathur

Prayers and Condolences (शोक है हमें इस बात का)

Poetry   Hindi   Urdu   हिंदी   Hindustani
A new poem that I wrote after Uvalde, TX shooting

Gun Laws and Constitution - A quick take

Insane Thoughts
The Preface to the Constitution talks about bringing tranquility to the nation. Gun Laws in many state just go against the Constitution.

Bigger Gains Are Often Found Through Removal

Behavior   Management

South Carolina Shooting and Shooting is a Norm!

Insane Thoughts
I didn’t feel a thing today. And then I did some.

Roc Lang and Compiler Optimization by Richard Feldman

Programming   Computer Science   Compilers
Loved this talk by Richard Feldman on Roc-lang in particular and language optimization in general.

iPhone Apps, Distractions and Life - App Inventory

Productivity   Insane Thoughts
Tired of distractions that I carry with myself all the time - my iPhone Apps, today I did an inventory of all the apps that I have on my phone

How to read a book

Reading is fun and in this post I will share how I approach reading and reading alternatives

Lata Mangeshkar

Om Shanti! Lata Mangeshkar will live forever!