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General Data Protection Regulation and Personal Data

Technology   Data Protection   Data   Artificial Intellgence (AI)
GDPR and its impact on Advertising. Submitted as part of CS7637 Homework

New Year 2020 - Resolution

Insane Thoughts
Procrastinator's attempt to follow a better lifestyle. First Post.

C Language - Strings and the Funny Business

Programming   Computer Science
C is a funny language. Strings are a joke.

What is Target Architecture?

One phrase true for Target Architecture - Never Achieved.

GATech - Second Course Completed

Insane Thoughts   OMSCS
Finished Second course in GATech OMSCS program

Kotlin Brings Smile on my Face

Software Engineering   Programming
Love Kotlin

Gratitude Metrics

Insane Thoughts   Personal Growth
Gratitude is important. Quantifying is importanter.

Emerging Technologies - 2017

List of top 10 emerging technologies of 2017.