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नया सवेरा थम जाता, तो क्या होता?

Poetry   Hindi   Urdu   हिंदी   Hindustani
A new philosophical poem

हुनर की शूआ’

Poetry   Hindi   Urdu   हिंदी   Hindustani
A new philosophical poem

Gandhi - The Movie

India   People
Watched Gandhi with Rayirth today. He had read about him in the school but I thought it would be a good idea to show him the movie. His appreciation for Gandhi and India’s Struggle for Independence increased manifold.

What an Inning from Virat Kohli vs Pakistan

This is a note to self for memories in the later years. This was the innings that proved why Virat Kohli is a King!

Which Beginner Telescope to Purchase

Astronomy   Advice
This is the first question that everyone asks when getting into star-gazing. Here I repeat what experienced amateur astronomers say.

Raju Srivastav

Raju Srivastav was the king of comedy

India - 75 years of Independence

India celebrates its 75th Independence Day tomorrow, 15th August. There is so much to dream about India; so much to cherish, so much to cheer, so much to hate and so much to desire about it.

Movie Review - Major (in Hindi)

Movie Reviews
If I have to rate, I will give it 3 out of 5. 2 marks for emotions and 1 for being committed enough to make a movie on Maj Unnikrishnan.